Relax Waterside in Style with This Hammock Boat

If you like relaxing, you know there’s nothing better than lounging in a hammock on a breezy day or floating in an inflatable raft in your backyard pool. But what if you could have the best of both worlds?
That’s what the MelloShip does: it’s a floating inflatable boat with a hammock on top—the ultimate relaxation device.
You can wide with a friend or get some much-needed alone time: the MelloShip can be customized to hold one or two hammocks. And if you want to bring some drinks with you, no problem—you can add a cooler mount, drink holders, a fold-up table, and pop-up seats!



Don’t worry—the MelloShip is incredibly safe. Because of its low center of gravity and wide pontoons, this boat is practically unflippable. Speaking of pontoons, they’re good for up to class five rapids—great for if you hit some rocky waves. Plus, getting in and out is a breeze with no-slip surfaces on the steps and floor.
If you want to kick up your relaxing experience, you can add a motor or battery for a low-key hammock cruise!
Check out this hammock boat in action below!


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