Take the Drag Out of Your Morning Shower with This Bluetooth Speaker

Mornings suck—it’s a fact of life. You get up early, go to class or work, and come home at a disgustingly late hour, only to get up the next day and do it all again.
But music always makes everything better, right? That’s where the Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker from JEMMA comes in. It attaches to your shower door or wall, letting you jam out to your favorite tunes while you get ready for the day.


The speaker uses a suction cup for a secure fit, making sure your personal DJ doesn’t fall down and cramp your style.


No need to jump out and change the song—there are controls right on the speaker! You can play, pause, skip songs, and even answer the phone right from your shower.


The coolest part is the speaker works with any Bluetooth device. Whether you want to listen to your favorite YouTube video from your laptop or your upbeat morning Spotify playlist from your tablet, this speaker’s got you covered.

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