The Yaylabs Soft-Shell Ice Cream Ball Makes a Pint/Quart of Homemade Ice Cream by Playing with It

When it comes to food, homemade is usually your best bet. But, when it comes to ice cream, it’s just too time-consuming or just difficult.
With the Yaylabs Soft-Shell Ice Cream Ball, you can make homemade ice cream while having fun and playing with it!

To create it, simply mix up a mixture of cream, sugar and vanilla and pour it in one end of the Ice Cream Ball.


In the other end, add ice and rock salt.

Twist the lids and push down to lock both ends.

Now, shake, roll and play! Just use the ball as you regularly would.

At the 10 minute mark for a Pint (or 15 minute mark for a Quart), scrape the side of the ball to get the frozen parts off. Then close it and continue playing. After another 15 minutes, your ice cream is ready to be served and enjoyed!

The Yaylabs Soft-Shell Ice Cream Ball is available in 4 colors: blueberry, orange, raspberry and lime. It’s available for purchase on Amazon.

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