Solar-Powered, Detachable Backup Camera

As wireless technology continues to proliferate, more and more of it becomes available for your automobile. No longer can most of us say that our vehicles are made of just steel, oil, and grit. Now, it’s easier to find a car with an onboard computer than without. The future is here.
But what if you’re behind the times? What if your car doesn’t have a parking assist camera? What if you’re in a tight spot and just checking over your shoulder isn’t sufficient to determine if you can pull out or not?
Well, that’s where Pearl’s RearVision comes in.

With just an attachable license plate frame, a receiver, and a smartphone, you can equip any vehicle with a Pearl RearVision rear bumper cam. Simply screw on the license plate cover, plug the receiver into your car’s OBD-II diagnostics port, and download the app. You’re good to go!

pearl camera




The camera runs on a solar-powered battery, which collects sunlight from a panel on the license plate cover. The plate also comes equipped with sensors that send an audible alert to your phone when you’re about to hit something.


For only $500, the Pear RearVision can be all yours. Check out the camera in action in the video below!

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Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera