The ‘Tarzan Boat’ Could Very Well Be The Best Thing This Summer

Summer is here, which also means that unbearable heat is going to happen from time to time. Some prefer to stay indoors with air conditioning, and others may choose a nice cool treat like ice cream or a cold beer. Others (including yours truly) prefer going for a nice swim in order to beat the heat.
For anyone who enjoys water parks, swimming, rope swings, trampolines, and water slides, this is something you’re going to want spend a couple afternoons on. It is quite possible the greatest pontoon boat of all time. It comes with a water slide, diving platforms, two trampolines, a rope swing, and even a climbing net.



The Tarzan Boat can hold up to 40 people, although it will be a bit cramped. And if you want to turn this into a party boat, it comes with Bluetooth speakers so you can drop some beats while beating the heat. And depending on where and how you use it, you can acquire a Tarzan Boat in one of three different sizes. There are different options for lakes, rivers, etc.

Tarzan is a franchise, so buy in and be your own boss. Did we mention you’ll be the coolest cats on the water?


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Posted by Droold on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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