Water-Tight Snorkel Mask Keeps Your Face Dry Under Water

Snorkling can be a blast, but if you don’t like getting water in your face holes, you may have a bad time. You know who doesn’t get water in their face holes? Ninjas. Ninjas are the best at everything.
Harness the power of the ninja with the H2O Ninja Mask. The H2O Ninja is designed to cover your entire face – eyes, mouth and nose. Now, you’ve got a crystal clear sightline of the water without it pooling around your eyes or getting into your sinuses.

The H2O Ninja comes in big and small sizes, so it can fit virtually any face! There is no air supply, so you’ll have to rely on the snorkel tube or surface again to take a breath, but it provides the best range and clarity of vision available underwater.


It also comes in a special GoPro-equipped edition, so you can relive all your favorite snorkeling memories back on dry land.


The H2O Ninja Mask starts at $144.99. Check it out in action in the video below!

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H2O Ninja Mask: Sealed Snorkel Mask