Sunglasses That Let You Feel Music In Your Bones – Literally

Do you ever wear headphones in public, but then tear them out of your ear when they wrap around a doorknob? Do your ears get sore from wearing earbuds all the time? Do your headphones wear out from being stuffed in your pocket too often? What if, instead of earphones you tried, say, sunglasses?
Crazy, you say? Impossible, you say? Not very discreet, you say? WRONG!
Enter Zungle Panther, the most innovative and amazing sunglasses to ever accessorize our faces.
zungle 1
Zungle Panther is the new way to listen to your music. With Zungle’s bone-conducting technology, music is transmitted through vibrations that resonate through your skull, letting you feel the music in your head without disturbing others around you.

zungle 2

On top of that, Zungle boasts superior sound quality over your run-of-the-mill speakers. It’s wireless blue tooth connectivity lets you listen to your music without any cumbersome wires. You can even make phone calls!

Your Zungle glasses also come in five frame colors with seven lens options. You can even replace your Zungle lenses with Oakley Frogskin lenses. Even if you don’t, you still get 100% 400UV protection.

zungle 4

Through Kickstarter, you can get your own Zungle Panthers for just $109! Check out the Zungle Panthers in action below!

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