High Fidelity Speakers Play Your Music in Your Personal Bubble

Do you love your music, but can’t find headphones with the same sound quality as high fidelity speakers? Well, the Soundlazer is here for you.
Despite the name, the Soundlazer isn’t a laser – it’s a specially-designed speaker system that plays your music without affecting those around you. Think of it like a personal bubble of music.
Soundlazer 1

Soundlazer 3

Like most tech/gadget/gizmos these days, the Soundlazer is bluetooth compatible, allowing you to play your music without any cumbersome wires. It even comes in a junior size!

Sound Lazer 2

Now you can mask unwanted background sound with your own personal sound bubble – it’s like a VR headset for your ears!

Soundlazer 4

Now through Kickstarter, you can get your very own for just $209!

Check it out in the pitch video below!

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