Seal In Your Food’s Freshness With These Colorful Food Huggers

No one likes to waste food, especially after working so hard to pay for it and make it. We all have various ways of trying to preserve freshness; from freezing food, to wrapping them tightly in plastic or sealed bags, to using water to help preserve herb clippings and other veggies. But now we have Food Huggers as an option.

Food Huggers sound adorable, come in four main sizes, and practically every color of the rainbow. They form a firm seal around any half of a food item, sealing in moisture and freshness. Each package comes in a set of five and cat fit practically any vegetable or fruit you can think of.

They even have a specialized Food Hugger for avocados. Simply press the remaining fruit or vegetable into the Food Hugger and create a firm seal that is free of BPA and Phthalates. After just one week, this handy kitchen gadget can preserve roughly 23% of a fruit’s moisture. Being washable and reusable, it also helps cut down on plastic waste, which is always a good thing.

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Food Huggers are available on Amazon here.

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