Carry Your Child On Your Shoulders With This Handy Baby Saddle

Piggyback rides are fun, but they’re not exactly an efficient mode of transportation. Your shoulders get worn out, and you’re worried about dropping your child. Well, they’re more fun now, thanks to SaddleBaby. Welcome to the world of amazing piggyback rides!
SaddleBaby is a strap and seat system that lets you take your child with you wherever you go while keeping your hands completely free. It features added shoulder support and velcro straps that harness your rambunctious child safely to your body.
The high quality buckles and fasteners are adjustable, so your child is both secure and comfortable. The saddle is made of soft foam, so it keeps your shoulders and their tiny little behinds happy on those long walks.
This harness lets you use your hands and arms while out and about with your favourite little person. Bond with your child in a safe and enjoyable way that’s sure to leave you both giggling. Even if they get excited by something and let go of your hand, they won’t fall off or get injured. In total, six different features hold your child in at all times.

The SaddleBaby is designed for children up to 50 pounds (about aged 2-5) and is available in three styles.

Original – $89

Now you can take your kid anywhere without wearing yourself down. Hike, see fireworks displays, go to the zoo, or do any number of other things with the SaddleBaby!

Backpack – $119

SaddleBaby is even available in a backpack style, so you can carry your belongings and your child while keeping your hands free to open doors, make a phone call, or anything else you may need to do with a baby on your back!



Uni – $59

Do you already have a backpack that you like? Well then, strap a SaddleBaby Uni right onto the pack and your good to go! With just the saddle and the necessary harness straps, the SaddleBaby Uni is only $59!



Check out the SaddleBaby in the video below!

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