Carbonate Any Water in a Matter of Seconds

Unless you want to buy cases of canned club soda or stock up on 40 ounce bottles, it’s hard to keep carbonated water in your house.
Well, now BubbleCap is here to save your taste buds.
BubbleCap is the easy way to turn any flat water into carbonated water without having to buy a clunky machine. With a single CO2 canister and a little head attachment, you can have ice-cold sparkling water any time you please!

It works by infusing your water/juice/etc. with CO2 bubbles from the pressured canister. It’s airtight, so you won’t have any going to waste. Simply fill the bottle 4/5 full, screw on the BubbleCap, squeeze out the air, tilt on the CO2 canister, and fill it up!


You can get your very own today for $23!


Watch a demonstration of how the BubbleCap works below!

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