Say Hello To The World’s First Super Suitcase

Traveling can be fun and result in an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, it can also be a royal pain to travel. Especially as far as airports and bags are concerned. In today’s high-flying world of convenience, smartphones, and technology, some people, entrepreneurs, and various companies are doing their best to make traveling easier and more convenient.
One such company is called Floatti Inc. and they have turned to kickstarter to help realize their vision for a more secure, convenient, and simplified travel suitcase. It appears that they have thought of nearly everything a suitcase needs; from hooks, smartphone handles, an integrated app, shock absorbers, and more. Here are the many innovative and impressive features:

via Kickstarter

1- Handbag Docking
The Floatti comes with a retractable strap that helps secure handbags and coats to the top of the case with ease.
2- Wheel Suspension
The Floatti has four rolling wheels with an internal suspension system that has for smooth travel, including over uneven surfaces and down flights of stairs.

3- Smart Handle With Touch Control



For those who routinely use their phone, the Floatti has a smart handle that connects to your smartphone via the Floatti App. By tapping or swiping, you can send messages and make calls from the handle of your suitcase.

4- Detachable Laptop Charger




This handy inclusion can charge your iPhone up to seven times, or your MacBook one and a half times. This enables you to take all your electronic items through the security check quickly and effortlessly.

5- Tracking System



Nearly everyone has forgotten something back at the house at some point in their lives, but the risk of this while on vacation is lowered thanks to Floatti’s tracking system. The app will ask if you’ve accidentally left something behind or not, since everything is tracked to your phone.

6- Built-In Digital Scale


The Floatti comes with a built-in digital scale that tells you how much your bag weighs just by lifting it from the handle. This will help prevent you from having overweight bags and incurring extra charges.

7- Protective Packing System



The Floatti comes with individual packing bags to help keep you organized and your items secure. No more opening your suitcase to a bundle of wrinkled clothes and thrown about items.

8- High Quality Materials And Craftsmanship


Not only is this suitcase full of great features, it looks very stylish as well. Behind that style is a strong polycarbonate shell that will take a lot of abuse while being lightweight.

The Floatti is available HERE
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