Join The Dark Side With The Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

There may be a Dark Side of the Force, but this Death Star waffle maker will leave your waffles anything but. While Belgian in origin, waffles can be found across America and are a popular staple of weekend breakfasts. However, they are almost always in the same shape.
Seeking to rectify this, some folks decided it was high time to bring the most famous battle station to breakfast plates across the nation. Creating a 7 inch diameter round waffle that looks just like the real thing, non-stick plates produce a perfect recreation every time. So get ready to have your maple syrup do a trench run before you torpedo this delicious death star to smithereens.
(Note: there is also a similar but different model available on


Darth Vader Waffle Maker available HERE.


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Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker