Reduce Your Household Waste with This Mini Ecosystem

With the environment being a complete mess, we all need to do our part to cut down on waste. But what if you live in a city, or you just aren’t good with the whole composting thing?
The Biovessel indoor ecosystem is trying to help with that. It basically takes your food waste from cooking or preparing food and turns it into nutrient-rich soil.

But how can you do that from your home?


It kind of goes like this: you add water and a lot of soil mix to the Biovessel, put your food waste inside, and wait for it to decompose. After about seven days, you have your very own freshly made soil!





Watch nature take its course through the observation box at the top. Anyone who’s curious about how composting actually works will love seeing it happen before their eyes.


This little ecosystem makes composting easier than ever—plus, it doesn’t smell! Definitely sounds better than your city compost bin, and is much nicer to look at.

Buy the Biovessel on Kickstarter for only $149!

Watch food decompose in the Biovessel down below.

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