The Portable Solar Cooker That Can Cook Two Sausages In Ten Minutes

Welcome to the future of cooking! The GoSun Stove is a portable solar cooker that uses the power of the sun to heat up your food. The GoSun is a fuel-free, portable and easily accessible, healthier and safer alternative to your traditional grill or stove. Plus, it looks super cool! You just simply place your food in the tube, slip it in to the stove, and let the sun do the work! No monitoring needed, and bam! Your food’s done!

Due to the tube’s perfect insulation, it can cook in practically every weather condition (even at night!) and no matter how hot it gets, the surface still remains cool and safe to touch. The stove also includes a battery to charge your stove in only 2 hours. The GoSun allows you to do things other stoves can’t. If you try cooking with a BBQ in the winter, you may not have much luck. But you know what can cook in the winter? The GoSun can!




GoSun not only uses the sun’s energy to be fuel-efficient, but they also combat global warming by planting 20 new trees for each GoSun stove sold. You’ll benefit from the purchase, the planet will benefit from your purchase, what’s not to like?

The GoSun has many product lines to cater to every consumer’s need. Sales start at just $279.00 for the GoSun Sport, available on Amazon and the GoSun webpage here.

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