This Pet Feeder Lets You Look After Your Furry Friend No Matter Where You Are

Do you ever worry about your pet when you’re away on vacation—or even just miss them when you’re at work? I have two dogs and even if I’m out for just an hour, I worry about them the entire time I’m gone.
The easyFeed Automatic Pet Feeder from gosh! is here to ease pet parents’ fears over leaving their best friend alone.
This feeder is basically an all-in-one pet caretaker—you can feed your pet, give them water, video chat with them over wi-fi, analyze their weight and health, and even have food automatically delivered via Amazon.



All of this is controlled through their app, where you can choose when to feed your pet and how much food they should have. You can video call through the app and even leave a voice message to be played when you’re gone.


And if you want to give your bestie a little extra love, you can manually give your pet a treat through the app. Speak a command through the microphone, and tap the app to dispense the treat.


Of course, you probably should have someone there to make sure your little buddy is safe and sound, but being able to control taking care of their food and water from wherever you are should give all pet parents peace of mind.


The easyFeed is currently on sale on Kickstarter for $165.

Check out all the cool features below!

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