One Soldier’s Inspiring Story Inspired This Watch Named In His Honor

This product is the result of the heartbreaking and inspiring story of Bradley Snyder, a US Navy serviceman blinded by an IED explosion overseas. Dealing with blindness, he went on to become a gold medal-winning Paralympian for Team USA. By doing so, he became an inspiration for Hyungsoo Kim of Eone Timepieces whose team came up with the Bradley Timepiece, a stylish watch designed for the visually impaired.
The Bradley Timepiece uses a grooved watch face and two ball bearings that enables you to tell the time by touch alone. So not only will you have just a ‘feel’ for the time, but know it exactly by touching your fingers along the watch face. If you are not visually impaired, this is still great because you will no longer need to be concerned about being rude for checking the time, or worrying about offending someone by looking at your watch. With this stylish watch, you have the chance to do it all subtlety and it gives some more independence to the visually impaired. It’s a great invention.




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