Never Touch Your Dog’s Poop Again with This Poop Scoop!

One of the worst parts of being a dog owner is picking up your furry friend’s poop. There’s no way around it—leaving it on the ground is both rude and sometimes illegal. But still, handling any kind of poop is nothing short of disgusting.
Enter the Piqapoo, a new tool designed to pick up your dog’s poop—hands free! No more smelly poop staining your hands and stinking up your clothes.
The Piqapoo is made out of two parts: a silicone clip and a disposable collection bag. The silicone material on the clip ensures maximum comfort for your pooch while maintaining a secure fit on their tail.


The collection bag is made from a thin plastic—lightweight enough so it doesn’t weigh your dog down, but durable enough to hold the largest of poops. As an added bonus, it’s opaque enough to keep your doggy’s business from prying eyes.



To dispose your dog’s poop, simply press the release button and throw it in the trash!


Check out the Piqapoo in action in the video down below!

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