Fight the Fat with this Electric 3-in-1 Cooking Pot

Soup’s on! Eggs are on! Chicken’s on! Food’s on!
Most people have a set of pots and pans of various sizes to prepare different foods, but why not consolidate them into one SUPER appliance?
Well, that’s what the Aroma Housewares Super Pot is for!

With a capacity of 3.2 quarts, this die-cast aluminum cooking pot is great for frying, boiling, sautéing, simmering, and anything else you’d use a pot or pan for!


The pot is just under 7 inches deep, so you can hold an unfathomable amount of food in it!


Best of all, the Super Pot doesn’t even need a stove – just an electrical outlet. Once plugged in, the Super Pot can be set to cook at anywhere from 300 to 450 degrees fahrenheit.


It’s even partially dishwasher safe! It also comes with a tempered glass lid and a specially designed ridged surface that helps draw the excess fat from your food.


The Aroma Housewares Super Pot is available on Amazon for $30!


Check it out below!

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Aroma Housewares Super Pot