Chunky Wool Creations Are Perfect For The Winter Blues

Knitting is for retired women, right? At least that’s what popular culture would have had you think until now.
What could possibly be better than curling up by a fire with hot chocolate in a soft, warm blanket? A blanket like this.
Introducing the Ohhio Braid, a brand new DIY material that is perfect for your next project. It’s a chunky, cable-knit wool that can be made into blankets, scarves, mats or pet beds. Basically, if you can think it, they can do it.



Ohhio offers the raw product, or you can order their ready-made inventions. They currently come in pink, grey, charcoal and blue.


What makes this chunky yarn so great? It’s machine washable, vegan, soft, safe for kids, pet resistant, reusable.



The prices vary based on the size/amount of yarn needed. Check it out in the video below!


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