Furniture That Changes Shapes With The Tap of Your Finger

Furniture is pretty standard. Design wise, There’s not a tonne of innovation in that field beyond changing the outward appearance of your couch or table. That’s why Parnian furniture’s new line of functional sectionals, sofas, and tables is so captivating.
With just the flick of a finger, you rearrange your living room piece into virtually an entirely different piece. Each piece listed below can expand, contract, reform, or transform in seconds. Check out the video at the bottom to see them all in action!

NA Swivel Cocktail Table 2 – $2,695.00

table 2

GM Sol Sectional – $14,915.00

sectional 1

DS DS164 – $17,400.00

Sectional 2

moving sectional 1

moving sectional 2

DS DS-450 – Call for Pricing

Sofa 1

bendy chair 1

bendy chair 2

GM Annie Sectional – Call for Pricing

Sectional 3

beige sectional

DS DS165 – Call for Pricing

Sectional 4

Weird Sectional

Caterpillar Sectional – $51,980.00

Caterpillar Sectional

caterpillar 1

caterpillar 2

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