The GoDuo Speakers Are the Coolest Bluetooth, Magnetic Speakers on the Market

Good audio is essential for any music lover. Bluetooth speakers make everything easier, but sometimes the audio quality isn’t the greatest. And if you do find Bluetooth speakers with great sound, you end up spending your life savings on them.
Enter the GoDuo speakers. These Bluetooth speakers have magnetic bases, letting you connect them for optimal sound quality or separate them for incredible stereo sound up to 30 ft.

You can even use them separately for increased versatility or in its silicone case for your next beach party!


Since the GoDuo is made in Bose’s facility, you know the audio will be top-notch.

Thanks to the magnetic bases, you can connect the speakers to each other, or attach them to any steel or iron surfaces!

The speakers have a built-in microphone perfect for conference calls, and the plastic casing makes the speakers water-resistant and weatherproof!

To get your own pair, check out the brand’s Kickstarter campaign!

Watch the GoDuo speakers in action in the video down below!

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