Get the Robot Servant You’ve Always Wanted with Yumi!

Honestly, I don’t trust androids. I’ve seen too many movies and watched too much television not to know that, given the first opportunity, they will destroy me.
Still, this one seems pretty cool.
Yumi is an android assistant designed by Omate to help you interact with all the elements of your house.
Yumi runs on the Amazon Alexa cloud-based service, so you can connect Yumi to over 3000 Alexa apps, from Spotify to Dominos Pizza to Audible and more!


Yumi can be commanded by voice using the Alexa Voice System. On top of that, it can be connected wirelessly to your smart home to control your smart home-enabled devices. You can lock your doors, hit your lights, and change your thermostat setting with only your voice!


Yumi can also be used as a roving camera, letting you monitor the goings-on in your house.


Yumi also works as your very own portable speaker system, so you can play your high-fidelity music whenever you want!


With access to over 2 million android apps and a fully developer-friendly design, Yumi us endlessly customizable!




The Omate Yumi is available in white and black and can be pre-ordered through Indiegogo for $369!


Check it out below!

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