This Cordless Massager Is Basically Your Personal Massage Therapist

Sore muscles are the worst. We all get them—achy backs, shoulders, even leg muscles. But what if you could take care of your bad muscles without spending an obscene amount of money seeing a massage therapist every week?
This is where the Pure-Wave Cordless Massager from Pado comes in. It’s lightweight so your arms don’t get tired while using it, but powerful enough to work out even the deepest kinks. You can even control the speed with a dial and change the pressure with six different sticks.

The same thing can take care of your back aches, leg cramps, knee pain, and relax your scalp—kind of like a Magic Bullet for muscle relief.






Pure-Wave massagers are powered by a percussion motor, which is what makes it so lightweight yet powerful. It charges fully in only an hour, which gives you three hours of continuous use, which turns into 20-30 minutes a day for a week—more than enough time to take care of stubborn muscle knots.

Check out the massager in action below!

via Pado USA
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