Meet Evapolar, The World’s First Personal and Portable Air Conditioner

Evapolar is a portable, pluggable, and easy-to-use personal air conditioner that goes wherever you need it to go. It’s safe and reliable, with lightweight and environmentally-friendly materials used in the internal components. The Evapolar comes with all the advantages of an air conditioner, with very few disadvantages.

The Evapolar is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill up the removable water reservoir, select your preferred cooling setting, and relax.

It doesn’t make noise or vibrate, enabling you to focus or relax in total climate comfort.


The unit does not require freon thanks to its innovative design and creative material use. No dangerous chemicals. Instead the internal components involve water and paper-thin evaporative materials that are easy to recycle and don’t harm the environment. It’s a handy little invention that will keep you cool on those hot summer days.

Evapolar is now available on Amazon.

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