Discipline Your Sleep Cycle with This Bossy Smart Alarm

There are lots of alarm clocks and smart devices available these days that cater to your specific style of sleep and general preferences. Kello is not one of those clocks. Kello is designed to improve your sleep, not match it.
Kello is a digital alarm clock that studies your sleep schedule and then improves it. Kello keeps you on target so you can get all the sleep you need and no more. With Kello, you’ll feel fully rested sooner and wake up earlier.
Kello is smart home-integrated, so you can program it to control your lights, your blinds, or other smart home technologies. If you don’t own a smart home, you can still get the most out of Kello with its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.


Kello’s entire front panel is a speaker with an integrated display that animates the time for you. Each minute rolls back like an early digital clock. Its display can also be set to train your breathing patterns as you fall asleep. Simply breathe in sync with the growing and shrinking cloud on the display and in no time you’ll be breathing at the ideal rate for a comfortable and fruitful night’s sleep.


While Kello is meant to get you up in the mornings, it’s also designed to keep you in bed at night. Too cold? Turn down your AC with Kello. Forgot to lock the door? Do it with Kello. Want to brew your coffee as soon as you’re out of bed? Kello’s got you covered.


Kello may be serious about getting you out of bed, but it’s kind too. Kello allows you to hit the snooze button only a few times a week (you decide how many). Your remaining snoozes are displayed as hearts, so you can see how many you have left. When you use them up, Kello responds by raising the volume or switching on the lights to make sure you’re up and at’em!


Kello also has a variety of other great features. You can set an unlimited amount of alarms, you can set Kello to wake you up gradually, and you can charge it with a USB cable. You can even set it to wake you up a few minutes earlier each day to train your body.


Kello is available in three calming colors: Mint Green, Cerulean Blue and Pearl Grey.


It’s even compatible with some of your favorite audio apps! Kello is available now through Kickstarter for $109!


Check it out in the video below!

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