This Cocoon Chair Will Change Your Netflix Binge-Watching

Who doesn’t like to curl up on the couch after a long day of work and binge-watch their favorite trash TV show on Netflix? That’s definitely what I’ll be doing after work today.
But resting on the couch can get uncomfortable: the blanket can slide off and leave you chilly, you can fall asleep at an awkward angle, and you sometimes have to contort your body to get a good view of your TV. Not exactly relaxing, is it?

The Cocon sleeping bag chair is changing all that. It combines a sleeping bag and a fluffy duvet with a regular chair, making it the most comfy piece of furniture (besides your bed, of course).


Just like a sleeping bag, the Cocon zips open and closed for easy access, and once you’re inside, you’re wrapped in a soft, warm hug (or as close as you’ll get from a piece of furniture).
The Cocon is more than just a TV buddy—you can use it to nap, read, or simply relax and decompress after a stressful day.
You can buy this super comfy chair from buyMeDesign for $1,722.60!

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