You Can Control This Nightlight with Your Phone

Nightlights are super convenient, but they can be a pain sometimes. You either get the kind that are too big to fit anywhere convenient or the motion sensor ones that don’t even work-or work at the wrong times.
Enter Aumi, the world’s first smart nightlight. It’s Bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable, and multicolored—plus, you control it all right from your phone!

It’s really simple to set up and use: plug in the light, download the free app (available for iOS and Android), and you’re all ready to go!



The coolest thing about this nightlight is all of its features: 16 million color options, the option to turn it on and off, turning on and off the motion sensor, adjust the brightness, change the color options, and even get notifications for texts and calls.
Parents will love how the light doesn’t need to be plugged in to work. The prongs fold in, and it can sit flat on a surface. Kids can pick it up and take them with them to the bathroom in the middle of the night—much better than having them try to pull the light out of an electrical socket.
Get your own Aumi nightlight at $30 from the Indiegogo page now!
Check out the Aumi in action in the video below!


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