Create Fire Or Light Wherever You Go With These Sparkr Multi-Functional Tools

Whenever you go on an adventure, it’s practical and useful to have a gadget on you that is able to create fire and light. That’s why Power Practical designed the Sparkr and Sparkr Mini, two unique, multi-functional tools that give you this ability wherever you may be.
The Sparkr is a three-in-one tool that includes a windproof electric plasma lighter on one end and a 150 lumen flashlight and lantern on the other.



The plasma lighter is the perfect tool to start a fire. Creating an electrical arc instead of a flame allows the lighter to be used in the harshest of conditions: wind, rain or snow. The Sparkr also comes with a safety feature button that prevents any unwanted fires by requiring you to press the button three times in a row before activation.


The flashlight integrated in the Sparkr is a bright, high-efficiency LED flashlight. It has 3 brightness settings: high, medium, low and shines a wide angle beam with up to 150 lumens of light.


If a flashlight isn’t your optimal light source, you can use the translucent cap at the bottom to diffuse the beam and get some ambient lantern lighting. You can use the lantern as a torch to light up your path, or use the included noodle tie to hang it easily.


The Sparkr Mini is a two-in-one tool that includes the windproof electric plasma lighter and a 15 lumen flashlight.



It’s compact size makes it the perfect everyday carry to fit in your pocket.


Both the Sparkr and Sparkr Mini are chargeable by a Micro USB port lasting 4 hours and 2 hours, respectively, on the highest settings.



The Sparkr and Sparkr Mini are available on Kickstarter, as a combo, for $50.

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