Drill a Perfect Four-Sided Hole With This Innovative New Tool

By their nature, the only shape a drill bit or spinning blade can make is a circle. Of course, if you’re building something, you need more than just circles. Not everything is circles. If you need to install a light switch, an outlet, or a small hole for some other purpose, the Quadsaw can get it down in seconds.
Rather than having to measure, mark, and hand cut a square hole in your drywall, the Quadsaw lets you drill a perfect hole. Simply press the Quadsaw’s four blades to the surface you want to cut, insert your power drill, and drill through the provided hole. The drill will propel the Quadsaw through the wall, leaving a perfect four-sided hole in its wake.

Hand sawing leaves lots of dust, uneven edges, and debris. With all four blades moving at once, the Quadsaw leaves a smooth, clean cut behind every time.


The Quadsaw’s blades are designed in a triangular shape with a middle support beam. Triangles are the strongest shape, which gives the Quadsaw a sturdy, dependable hold.


The Quadsaw will save a substantial amount of time off any project, with each hole taking less than 30 seconds to complete!

The Quadsaw also has a firm, comfortable grip so you can keep it steady as you drill.


In addition, the Quadsaw comes with an interchangeable blade, so you can make either a square OR a rectangle, depending on how large of a hole you need!


The Quadsaw can be pre-ordered on the Quadsaw website for $247.43!


Check it out below!

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Quadsaw Square and Rectangle Hole Cutter