Grab Anything With The Ultimate Grab-It Gadget – ODii

Have you ever dropped items in impossible-to-reach spaces? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Whether it be your phone, a pen, earrings, French fries, credit card, change, keys or anything else, it’s frustrating to try and reach for them with your arm and struggle in the process. If you have these problems, you need ODii – the ultimate grab-it gadget.

The ODii is a grab-it gadget that has three useful functions for all your retrieval needs: a flexible, telescopic claw and detachable magnet, as well as, a detachable LED light.


ODii was originally designed to fit in your glove box for use in your vehicle. However, it was soon discovered that ODii had more than just use in a car. It has useful benefits at work or even at home!


With its super-strong neodymium magnet that holds up to 2 pounds and telescopic 4-pronged claw that extends up to 19 inches, you’ll be sure to grab anything out of those tight spaces.




The ODii Ultimate Grab-It Gadget is available on Amazon for $25. It’s also available on their product page here.

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ODii Grab-It Gadget

Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool, Grabber and LED Light