The Gekkopod Is a Multi-Functional Flexible Mount That Will Mount Your Phone or Camera Anywhere

The Gekkopod is a flexible holder for your phone, GoPro or camera. It’s called a Gekkopod because it’s designed like a Gecko’s hand.

With the Gekkopod, you can attach your device on any one of the five hands.

Then perch it on a rock, or a tree, or hook it on to a stick and take awesome selfies.



Whether you need to adjust the camera angle or just have a place for your phone to sit on, the Gekkopod can do it all.

It glows in the dark so you won’t lose it and it comes in a variety of colors.

When not in use, simply roll the Gekkopod into a ball and put it in your pocket. Or, you can just attach it to your backpack or purse.

The Gekkopod is available for purchase on Amazon.

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