This Coca-Cola Hot Dog Steamer Quickly Steams Hot Dogs In 15 Minutes!

Nothing goes great with a nice, sunny day like a juicy hotdog for you to indulge.
But why limit it to just one hotdog for yourself?
With the Nostalgia Coca-Cola Hot Dog Steamer, you can make up to 24 hot dogs in only 15 minutes!

It’s really easy to use.
First, pour water into the water compartment. The Hot Dog Steamer has an easy-to-view window to accurately determine the water level.

Next, place the hot dogs in the hot dog compartment. The compartment holds up to 24 hot dogs at a given time.

Then, place the buns in the bun compartment. The compartment warms up to 12 buns at a given time.

Finally, use the three-position cooking dial to cook your hotdogs: OFF-Warm-High.

The Coca-Cola Hot Dog Steamer has handles on the sides, making it extremely portable. The unit can also be disassembled for easy cleaning.

The Coca-Cola Hot Dog Steamer is available for purchase on Amazon.

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