Charge Your Phone By Cranking It With An Emergency Generator!

Have you ever been a situation where you needed to use your phone but it was low-battery or even dead? Now we do have alternatives like solar-powered charging, but what if it’s not sunny? It will take forever to charge your phone. Now you can use AMPware, a protective case with an emergency generator!

Like solar-power, you can use AMPware to charge your phone anywhere, anytime. But unlike solar-charging devices, the AMPware can charge your device up to 1 AMP of output! That’s similar to the same output of a wall charger. It all depends on how fast you decide to crank your generator for your phone.


The case also comes with a rubberized bumper that provides superior drop protection. This prevents your phone from getting scratched or damaged. The generator handle also doubles up as a kickstand if you need it.


This nifty case is the perfect accessory to anyone that hikes, camps, travels, or just needs an emergency power source in those times of need. It comes in three different colors: shadow, ranger, and sport. It is currently on available for the iPhone 6/6S with future products being made for iPhone 7.




The AMPware phone case is available on Amazon for $99. You can also check it out on their product page here.

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