Say Goodbye to Shaky Footage with This Sleek Phone Camera Stabilizer

By this point, we’ve all seen every variation on the selfie stick imaginable. There’s the bluetooth selfie stick, the one that turns into a tripod, the pocket size one, and more.
Well, this is no selfie stick. Welcome to the Vimble S.
The Vimble S is the newest and best in smartphone camera stabilizers. Now, you never have to worry about shaky footage again!

Vimble S attaches comfortably to any smartphone. It’s designed for easy-use by beginners, but can also be used by seasoned experts. now you can use your smartphone as an impromptu camera so you can make that film you’ve always wanted!


Not only will the Vimble S stabilize your image, it will also let you direct your camera with intuitive controls, adjust the brightness, and set your white balance with ease!



The Vimble S can be used with any screen orientation. Whether you want to film portrait, landscape, underslung, or with backlighting, Vimble S has you covered.


It also has a battery life of 8 hours, so it’ll last you through your whole day!


The Vimble S is available for preorder on Kickstarter for $179!


Check it out below!

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Vimble S Camera Stabilizer