The Flexy Paw Treat Holder Makes It Easier for You to Take Selfies & Portraits of Your Dogs and Cats

Have you ever tried taking photos of your dogs or cats? It’s definitely harder than it sounds.
First, you have to get their attention. Then, you have to hope you don’t lose that attention as you try to snap a photo quickly. This becomes even more difficult when you’re trying to take selfies with your pets.

That’s why the Flexy Paw Treat Holder was invented.
The Flexy Paw Treat Holder is a simple phone attachment that helps you grab your pet’s full attention while you snap the perfect picture of them.
It’s very easy to use: simply attach the Flexy Paw to your smart phone or tablet.

Next, clip on your pet’s favorite toy or treat.

You can adjust the Flexy Paw to get the perfect angle and be creative with your shots.

Finally, snap away! That’s it!

The Flexy Paw can hold treats up to 1/2″ thick.

It’s available for purchase by backing their Kickstarter campaign.

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