Meet iKeybo – The World’s Most Advanced Projection Keyboard And Piano

Ever wanted to have a larger keyboard on the go, without the need of carrying it around? How about a piano? Well, carrying that would definitely be inefficient. That’s why iKeybo was introduced. It’s the world’s most advanced projection keyboard and piano.
Now you may be thinking, keyboard projections are already out there. What makes the iKeybo more special? Well, it’s way more accurate. Due to the keyboard layout with spaces in between the keys, you’ll be sure to not mistype unwanted keys.
The keyboard’s also multilingual with four different languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. With a full keyboard layout, you’ll be sure to have all the special characters you need to type anywhere, anytime.

Need some music for the road or in the studio? The iKeybo has a built-in music app that lets you play the piano, guitar, bass, or drums during your get-togethers! Now that’s cool.



And if that wasn’t enough, it also acts as a portable charger! With a built-in battery life of 10 hours, when the iKeybo isn’t in use, use it to power your smartphones and other devices.


It’s compact size and useful cell phone stand makes it the perfect tool on the go.



The iKeybo is available on Kickstarter for $89.

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iKeybo - Advanced Projection Keyboard And Piano