The World’s First Anti-Gravity Case Will Make Your Life Hands Free

The MEGAVERSE Anti Gravity Case is the first modular anti-gravity case that allows you to be hands-free to take photos, read cooking instructions, listen to music in the shower, and much more. The possibilities are endless with this case.
The MEGAVERSE uses nano-suction to allow the case to stick to smooth, flat surfaces such as: kitchen cabinets, glass, whiteboards, metal, computer screens and tile. In addition to the cool anti gravity feature, the MEGAVERSE also has swappable back plates with other features such as: the wallet Megaback allowing you to store cards for convenience, the mirror Megaback allowing you to get those perfect closeups and the bottle opener Megaback, the perfect accessory for a BBQ. The MEGAVERSE can also change colors of the backplates if you choose to do so.





You can currently get the MEGAVERSE Anti Gravity Case MEGAPACK from Indiegogo for $59 which includes the case itself, the four interchangeable color backplates and the three premium backplates (wallet, mirror and bottle opener). You’ll have to act fast if you want to get your hands on one as people are claiming the perks quickly!

Check out MEGAVERSE’s indiegogo page here.

Also available is the original (non-modular) anti-gravity case. You can get one on Amazon here.

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