The Nozzle That Saves 98% Of Your Water

The Altered:Nozzle is the world’s most extreme water saving nozzle that can be installed into your existing tap. This nozzle atomizes the water you use (turning it into mist), using 98% less water while still maintaining the full functionality of a tap. If the water isn’t enough with the full atomization, you can switch to the regular saving mode, which still saves you 75% of the water.


The Altered:Nozzle is the perfect accessory to your kitchen, bathroom anywhere. Not only does the installation take roughly 30 seconds to install, but the nozzle will also pay for itself within a couple months due to all the water you save! The Altered:Nozzle is lead free eco brass and comes in various different colours such as: chrome, brass, blue, white and even solid gold.


The reasoning behind the product is simple. Lots of our daily water usage slips by our fingers each and every day. You don’t use all the water in the sink when you turn on the tap. Some of it slips right into the drain. The Altered:Nozzle fixes that problem by increasing the surface area the water comes out of the tap so that you use all of that water.


The Altered:Nozzle is available for $38. You can check out the Kickstarter here and snag one quickly!

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