Charge Your iPhone Using Any Standard Lamp

Technology is convenenient, but between your tablet, computer, phone, television, video game systems, and more, there often seems like there’re practically no free outlets in your house. Well, that’s where LampChamp comes in.
LampChamp is a clever way to charge your phone. Don’t have an outlet nearby? No problem! Simply plug your phone into the LampChamp and you’re good to go!


LampChamp is designed to screw into any standard lightbulb socket, so you can plug your phone into any lamp in your house without any worry!


LampChamp is ideal for any room with lamps set up next to chairs! It has a convenient USB port, so it’ll work with just about any phone charger.



LampChamp is available on Amazon for $19.99!

Check it out in the video below!

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Lamp Champ Phone Charger