The ‘Loopy’ Will Make Dropped Phones A Thing Of The Past

Let’s be honest, the majority of us have dropped our phones at least once in our lives. Every single one of us knows someone who has dropped their phone and cracked the screen. Tired of this becoming a common occurrence, some entrepreneurs invented the ‘Loopy’, which is designed to reduce your chances on dropping your phone.
Every two seconds in the United States, a phone is broken. This costs money, and sometimes dignity. A screen repair is costly, as it replacing a damaged phone. With the Loopy, dropping your phone becomes almost impossible. It also enables you to reach more of your screen (and even zoom) with just one hand.



The Loopy is a flexible case with a stretchy and strong silicone loop embedded into it for strength and comfort. The loop portion lies flat in your pocket, but can also be used as a rough kickstand for sharing videos with friends and family. They are adjustable and come in a wide range of colors, ensuring there’s a Loopy for everyone.

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