This Pen Is a Dream Come True for Dyslexics

For dyslexics, doing the most simple readings and assignments can be incredibly stressful. Having a slow reading speed makes schoolwork take twice as long to do, and straightforward tasks are twice as hard.
That’s where the Read ‘n Style pen comes in. It scans text and reads it aloud through Bluetooth earbuds, letting you read text at a regular pace and learn concepts with low stress!

Using this pen is simple: press the top button, slide the pen over where you want to read, and listen to the text in the provided earbud. All you have to worry about is doing the work, not trying to figure out what you’re reading.




It’s also perfect for tests. The pen stores no information—it simply reads the words to you. This means students can use it to take tests with the rest of their class, instead of being pulled out to take their exam separately.
The best feature about this pen is its discreet appearance. The device looks like a regular pen or highlighter, and the earbud is small. The user feels more self-confident and independent because their learning disability doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.
You can get your own Read ‘n Style pen at an early-bird discount on their Indiegogo page!
Check out their campaign video for more information!

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