Turn Your Trash into a Comprehensive Grocery List

It’s hard to remember what you need to restock in your grocery cupboard. After all, nobody rifles through their trash to see what they’ve thrown out.
Well, now something does the rifling for you. Meet GeniCan.
GeniCan is a device that attaches to any trash can or recycling bin and helps you record what you’re throwing out. Now, you can just consult GeniCan to figure out what you need to pick up next time you go grocery simple.

Simply hold your waste or wrapper in front of the GeniCan sensor, say the name of the product, then drop it in. GeniCan only records the stuff you deliberately record, so you don’t have to worry about ever accidentally adding new items.


GeniCan also connects to a smartphone/tablet app, so you can see what’s been added to your GeniCan up to the minute while you’re out. Essentially, it’s the world’s most advanced trash can and grocery list all rolled into one!


GeniCan has also recently gotten a sleek new redesign. Get yours now for $125 and check it out in the video below!

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GeniCan; The Grocery List Trash Can