BLOCKS Is The Personalized Modular Smartwatch Of Your Dreams

The future is most certainly here with BLOCKS and their creation. For the first time, we have truly personalized smartwatches. Functional with Apple and Android products, these watches come in a variety of colours, and even more features and customizable options.
The different modules can be combined for a variety of purposes, so if you’re an adventurer, an athlete, a socially connected individual, or simply a person who wants the future right here and right now, there are a range of options to choose from. There are two main aspects; the ‘Core’, which is the smartwatch itself and its main functions and apps, followed by the different modules that combine into the strap.
There are modules for a camera, extra battery power, GPS, debit and credit payments, gesture control, heart rate, and many more that combine into a personalized smartwatch unique to you and your needs. The modules swap out in seconds and there’s no need to restart the watch. It’s also going to be open platform eventually which means the future is now.


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BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch