BitLock: The World’s First Keyless Bike Lock That Uses Your Phone

BitLock is a bike lock and ride sharing program for the modern day. It gets rid of the need for bike keys and time wasted unlocking your bike. It uses your smartphone to detect when you’re in close proximity, and then you can just pull off the lock and go. It’s quick and effective, and all it needs is the lock and the app.
With the BitLock app, you can share the location and access of your bike with a group of friends and family. Just set up a private or public profile for your bike and share it with others. Now you have a safe and reliable bike share program with you and a select few, and the geotagging feature let’s you know where the bike has been dropped off.
With its sturdy cut-resistant steel construction, five year battery life, waterproof production, and 128 Bit Advanced Encryption Standard security, you and your potential bike share group can rest easy knowing the bike is safe, secure, and easy to use for all your urban needs.




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