5 Products You Need for When the Snow Falls

Snow sucks sometimes. You have to shovel your sidewalk and driveway, dig your car out of parking lots, and you’re in danger of slipping on ice everywhere you go.
But snow has a fun side. Between snowball fights, snow forts, and snow angels, there’s endless possibility for fun in the great outdoors.
Here are five products you need to get the most out of the snow this year.
1. Paricon Snow Castle Kit

Who doesn’t love making a snow castle in freshly fallen snow? With this kit, you can make the perfectly shaped castle every time. It comes with three different forms, letting you create castles of all shapes and sizes!

And the best part? You can use it for sand castles in the spring and summer!

2. Paricon Kids’ Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker

What winter is complete without a good snowball fight? Use this tool to make your snowballs perfectly round every time. And don’t worry about taking too long—the Flexible Flyer can make expert snowballs in roughly one second!


3. Evelots My Very Own Snowman Kit

Finding the right tools to make your very own Frosty can be tricky. How many people have a bunch of black buttons hanging around? With this kit, you can create the perfect snow friend year after year.


4. Ideal Sno Toys Sno-Art Kit

If you love sidewalk chalk, you’ll love its snow counterpart. Use the bottles to decorate the snow with tic-tac-toe and family portraits, or use the molds to make colored shapes!


5. Aqua Leisure Winter Inflatable Round Snow Tube Sled

Save space in your garage with this inflatable sled! It’s coated with a slick material at the bottom, giving you fast speed as you race down the hill. And because it’s made with PVC, it’s extra durable for when you hit icy patches.