The SHERP Explorer Tank Takes You Where Humans Have Never Gone Before

Think of the craziest stunt vehicle you’ve ever seen. Can you picture it? Now multiply that by 10 and you’ve got SHERP.
SHERP is the most intense cross-country all-terrain vehicle ever to hit the market. Since it’s made by Russian, you know they understand extreme conditions.

SHERP can drive on ice, through water, over boulders, through mud and even floats like a boat. Any situation you could think to put it through, it would excel. SHERP has been used to get to places never before seen by humans. It’s traveled to Siberian tundra, Yugra swamps and Kola mountains.



Each vehicle comes with a tented top, cabin heating, seatbelts (important), water drainage and extra fuel tanks.



The tires are comparable to monster trucks, so you’ll never get stuck. The interior is like a luxury tank, if you can imagine such a thing!


They company that makes them hasn’t publicly released a price, but you can contact them on the order form here. Check out the two videos below to see SHERP in action!