Never Risk Spreading Germs Again With This One-Handed C-Pump Soap Dispenser

Washing your hands are an essential part to healthy living and stopping the spreading of germs. But the truth is, the traditional soap dispenser doesn’t do that. By having to press down on the soap dispenser with your other hand, you are directly spreading germs on to that soap dispenser. With this single-handed soap pump operated by the back of your hand, you’ll have a more hygienic way to wash your hands!

The Joseph Joseph C-Pump Single-Handed Soap Dispenser is a soap dispenser with a C-shaped design that lets you place the back of your hand on the pump to dispense the soap. This is great for when you’re touching raw meat and you want to wash your hands without spreading germs.




C-Pump has a non-slip base, a soap indicator window on the reverse and is easy to fill and clean. It’s suitable for all types of liquid hand soap and it’s non-electric!


It comes in three colors: green, red and grey.


The green Joseph Joseph C-Pump Single-Handed Soap Dispenser is available on Amazon for just under $13. You can also check it out on their product page here.

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