The 3M Steri Strips Are the Future of Stitches

We’ve all had a bad cut at least once or twice in our lives. Usually, all you need are a few stitches to seal up the wound, but stitches can be incredibly painful, and a huge hassle to deal with.
Enter the 3M Steri Strips. They’re designed to close skin wounds using tape mechanism—no more pesky stitches!

The Steri Strip secures the wound and provides strength, unlike traditional sutures.

The strips are non-invasive and sterile, letting the wound heal with a reduced risk of scarring!

Plus, the strips are more comfortable for the patients compared to stitches or sutures—and patients can get back to their regular routines faster.

To get your own, check out the brand’s Amazon page.

Watch the Steri Strips in action in the video down below!

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