This Spoon Helps People with Hand Tremors Eat with Confidence

If you have a hand tremor, many basic activities can be extremely difficult—especially eating and drinking. When you’re eating messy foods, whatever you’re eating falls everywhere, taking you twice as long to eat meals. And if you’re out with company, food falling out of your spoon can be downright embarrassing.
The Liftware Steady changes that. It’s a utensil designed to adapt to your hand tremors, shaking up to 70 per cent less than your hand!

The tool automatically adjusts to your tremors, counteracting shaky hands that might be related to Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.

The Liftware Steady is built with sensors, a computer and a motor. The sensors detect hand motions and the computer distinguishes unwanted movement from deliberate movement. The computer then directs the motors to move in the opposite direction of the tremor.


Getting started is simple: simply attack the tremor to the base and start eating. The starter kit comes with a charging doc, ensuring you never run out of power when you’re eating a meal!


You can also purchase other attachments, including a fork and an everyday spoon.


Check out the Liftware Steady in action down below!

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